hello world

its tuesday, for some reason i just still cant believe that my little man is turning 3 on saturday! And what do i have to make his day special… erm let me think, the invite said: hot dogs, balloons & cake but i wonder if that is enough! shouldn’t i just still bake something else, i mean, we’ve been to parties over the years wher parents have gone all out for a 1st party & others have chosen not to do anything… hmmm makes me wonder if this is enough – will #monsterman remember this in a few years time? if not, bonus i can use the theme again lol

feeling worse for wear with 10 million thoughts running through my mind isn’t helping, good thing #DrT squeezed me in and opted for the injection, in return giving me 2 days of soul searching time & much needed rest after those b ad #gastrogreenmen invaded my body – yay me back to work tomorrow

so to be able to say “hello World” we should be able to speak, read, and atleast write. i keep hoping that one day #monsterman will live in a world where people actually still speak and not do everything the telepathic way, and for some reason that just brought back images of Bruce Willis inthe 5th Element… weird…

hope springs eternal


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