the blandness of it all

with me not feeling so good & food being the last thing on my mind, yet the hunger is always there,  soup & mashed potatoes are my best friends! no frills. no tierlandteintjies. just plain…

tastes awe-full tho – a life without salt, pepper, mayo – too dull!


somehow that reflects my life at the moment, dull & boring with nothing new to talk about – not even the weather gets me excited!

it’s like I’ve lost my appetite for life – dont get me wrong, i have an awesome #hubbinator and the best #monsterman out, but it’s so routine – work, home, eat, bath, sleep, work, home, eat, shops, bath, sleep… some weekends its different tho…more like home, laundry (yay me), shops, adventure, eat, eat, eat, eat, sleep… but those adventures are aimed at #monsterman!  #hubbinator & i dont do the things we did any more – no date nights, no late cuddles in bed, no spur of the moment dinners…. i miss those

partly this is due to the fact that i’m freaking broody & want another baby! #hubbinator is trying to convince me that one #monsterman is enough and that he will be fine with being just him alone in this great big bad world of ours once we’re no longer here – i dont think my little #monsterman is ok with that plan – he keeps asking for a “sister”, for once i wish #hubbinator would just give in and realise that his DICTATORSHIP is coming to an end as our DEMOCRACY will take over – we already have majority of the votes!

all in favour say I


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