a lazy day

it’s Sunday, i love doing as little as possible for as long as possible on a Sunday, have a lie in, make brekkie, go back to bed, watch a movie or 3 and only get out the house (and only if it really necessary) at 16:00. but with a 3yr old #monsterman running around that’s not how sunday’s go in our house – well not anymore!

#monsterman is usually up just before 7:00, then he demands tea, goes & crawls into bed with his OUMI, ambulance & helicopter in tow. they will then lay there discussing the worlds secrets and making plans to take over the world – one helicopter & one ambulance at a time – read stories and giggle at little things they do together.

i’m grateful that he has this relationship with his OUMI, she’s his best friend – plays with him, reads with him, lays down on his bed with him when its nap time, teaches him about so many things in the garden, teaching him patience but i think what he’ll miss most about her (one day) is her soft heartedness and the fact that she’ll do absolutely anything for him! she’s like a 2nd mother to him.

now let me turn over and sleep a bitty more before #hubbinator comes back from his ride in town. #monsterman is sorted with his OUMI… “incy wincy spider, climbing up the water-spout…” Sing with me OUMI….

and as they sing merely along i sign out …

till next time


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