chicken pie – ala ME

I decided this morning that I’m making supper – was in the mood for a pie tipe thingum so, after galavanting the whole day I ask #hubbinator to just get me a cooked chicken from either Spar or Woolworths & mushrooms.. Kinda figured I’d just go with it…

So here’s what you need:
1 x Rotisserie Chicken (Medium sized +- R50)
1 x punnet of Mushrooms (sliced)
3 x Carrots (sliced)
3 x Baby Marrows (sliced)
1 x Onion (chopped – finely)
1 x Puff Pastry roll (ready rolled)

How to do it:
Heat a bit of oil in a big pan, pop the mushrooms in & mix in a bit of Garlic, Black Pepper & a bit of Fennel and put the lid on. Leave for about 5 mins stirring occasionally.

Mix in the onion & fry till onion is light brown.

Mix in Carrots & Baby Marrows and let fry off till Carrots are tender.

While the above is cooking off, take all meat off and chop fine.

Mix meat into veggie mix. Stir through.

Let mix stand while you line your pie pan with 1/2 roll of puff pastry (remember to either spay your pan with Spray n Cook or just rub a bit of butter in it – get the corners)

Mix about 1/2 a pack of Mushroom soup in 250ml boiled water and stir into chicken mix.

Pop chicken mix into the pie dish – flatten a bit & put a thin layer of grated cheese on top.

Cover with 2nd half of pastry and “paint” with egg.

Pop in a pre heated oven (180 degrees C) for 40mins or golden bown in colour.

And that’s it – bon apetit!!

Serve with a Green salad. Serves 4 – 6


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