Rapture day – 21 May 2011

So according to Mr. Family Radio himself – it’s rapture day today!

I sorta know that I’ll be staying behind (should this happen) as for the past few years my relationship with GOD just didint grow – I feel like HE let me down! Soo many people (me including) spent days prying for #lil Bubbles! – in the Bible it says “ask & you shall receive”. One would think that with soo many people asking for her to be healed – it would actually happen! BUT it didn’t….

So ever since then I’ve kinda refused to go to church, stop praying and basically given up on religion.

Then I moved from JNB to CPT met #hubbinator, moved in together 2 weeks later, then decided to move in with his folks – not a bad thing in general!

Except that my FIL is one of those “Doomsday” prophets, proclaiming since I’ve met him that the end of the world is today -21May2011- so this morning he looks a bit nervous! White in the face and shaking like a leaf.

I bet he’s wondering if its really gonna happen…


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