being chased by Baboons, a merry-go-round & chatting to a Celeb

we woke up early yesterday morning, had brekkie and got ready for a nice family day out (post rapture & wanting to see who all we’ll be missing hehe

#hubbinator took his #stinky (Kona DH bike) with sou our first stop was Tokai Forest – never in my life had i been so scared – as we signed in and took the walk up past the guesthouse some #riders came down & warned us that there were lots of baboons out all over the tracks, usually they don’t bother people but yesterday was different somehow!

for those of you who haven’t been there it’s one heck of a walk (on a good day without carrying your 3year old & his bike on your hip) to get to the “Big Berm” where #hubbinator usually spends his time. so just as we past the guesthouse and got to the first bit of single track (on the right) one baboon was walking on the left – already i was feeling anxious, we’ve never taken #monsterman to the forest so i was shit scared & all that went through my mind at that moment was “Hold onto #monsterman”

well not 5mins later another baboon joined the first one & i froze! i could literally feel that something was about to happen. then this baboon started going”huh huh huh” & another baboon came charging down towards us (we were just innocent bystanders had nothing to do with their little domestic fight) the 2nd & 3rd baboons started to attack each other less than 4 meters away from us (all i said to #monsterman was to be quiet & not be scared, daddy will get us out of this) so #hubbinator told us to run Up the hill – easily done without your 3year old clinging to your for dear life! – somehow we got up half way when the 2 baboons started chasing each other in our direction – what do you do in a situation like that? well I took #monsterman from #hubbinator and ran down the hill again!!!

luckily more #riders came down and stopped by us (suppose the masses would scare the baboons off!!) and just kept asking us if we were okay, if someone got attacked, is every one alright – well except for my nerves being shot & #monsterman vowing never to go to “the baboon place” again we were okay!

#hubinator gave me the car keys (dangerous on most days as i refuse to drive – i can i just refuse to) and said that #monsterman & i should go to The Barnyard (just down the road) I was literally too shaken up to think straight so I asked him if he would mind much to go drop us (which means: he has to get out of his body armour, pack up the #stinky, go drop us & go back to do some riding) luckily for him he agreed 🙂

#monsterman ran off to go play in the sandpit when we eventually settled on a table, ran around telling every one that he was chased by baboons – little monkey of mine – even told Michael Mol’s little Nat. A good friend of mine joined us with his 2 little girls, we had a lekker chat – we dont meet up often which makes me appreciate moments when we do – his girls had a ball!

when #monsterman was about to get onto the merry-go-round #michaelmoll walked past & (probably the dumbest celeb “pick up line” ever) all i said was “glad to see the arm’s healing up nicely” i felt so blind afterwards lol cause after that we kept bumping into each other (not that Barnyard is huge or that it was busy, but still) everytiem he saw me he just gave this sly smile (i can so see why his wifey married him – Cuteness galore!!! & much better looking in real life than on TV)

well i will try & post some pix of our adventure a bit later

but for now

i have to sign out & go P


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