(personal uodate)

1) #monsterman is doing really well with potty training – we made him a “reward chart” (Barney themed) on Tuesday night – for a boy who only started a week ago he’s doing extremely well, even takes himself to the loo if he’s playing or watching a movie. Also proud to say (as only a mother would) that he’s made his first Poo in the loo on monday — aaaww, my baby is getting rid of every last bit of what kept him a baby in my eyes, 1 by 1! Sad really!!!

2) We’re planning a little wedding vow renewal for our 5th wedding anniversary. Have the theme and photographer sorted but everything else is pretty much still in the dark. Been getting a few quotes from venues and all I can say is I’m sooo glad that we’re planning on keeping it small! Venues are soooooooooooooooo freaking expensive! So for now we’ve pretty much decided to have a picnic in a forrest – wild flowers – ooh I can’t wait to start on the finer details!

3) We’re learning to compromise! #hubbinator goes riding every weekend & I get a night out with the Girls once or twice a month – I think this is good!

4) I’m sorry if I offend any one with this blog, but this is where I am free to be myself & to those peeps who have a problem with who I am – if it offends you, don’t read it! I can even recommend other blogs for you to read! So if you’re looking for something more melow or entertaining email me!

Till next time


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