rides & Rides

Seems lately the only time I have to write is on a monday! Things are just soo hectic right now – not that I’m complaining – love the “hustle & bustle” of it at the moment…

#monsterman, #hubbinator & I went to a little GEM of a Place #EDEN (Stellenbosh) – although it was a bit deserted – it was fun to see my little man enjoy himself & learning new tricks! Seems like he needs to upgrade from his little black bike to a balance bike or something similar.
Other accessories he’ll need:
And maybe some leg & arm protection pads.

We’re treading on somewhat uncharted ground as we’re looking at getting a newer vehicle. So on Friday we made a pitstop at #Burchmores and had a bit of a look around and found something very practical for us as a family – the Renault Kangoo – its got space for us, 2 bikes & other luggage so if we take it there might be the odd chance of a road trip to JNB

Some pix:
1) #monsterman on his bike
2) Our possible new baby

Should be an interesting next few weeks as we decide what to do…

Till next time


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