magical moments

For the first time in ages I can honestly say that #hubbinator & I are 100% on the same page on two subjects:
1) Our choice in a new vehicle – never thought it would be so darn difficult to agree on one – but I also realise that we both know what our NEEDS are for that said vehicle.
* needs to have seating space for at least 5 ppl
* needs BOOT space, Big enough for #hubbinator & #monsterman’s bikes plus gear
* needs to be comfy, in a certain price bracket, newer model & have less K’s on the clock than our current vehicle

And we found all of this in the Kangoo!!!

2) Our vow renewal:
We want everything to be perfect!
The venue is sorted – all 3 of us (#hubbinator , #photographer & myself) think the venue is awesome! A forest wonderland follow the wedding blog on

(That way I don’t have to update on 2 places)

Our lives are filled with magical moments, stolen kisses and a love that will last forever
“Our love is like a circle – never ending”

Till next time


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