hopping a long

Wednesday I twisted my ankle really bad. Was hop-a-long-suzie for a day! Well that didn’t stop me from going out for supper with #Aims last night.

Well being hop-a-long-suzie actually helped as we had waaayyyy too many shooters & other beverages 🙂 but on the way to the car I twisted the same ankle again!

So now I find myself in dr’s rooms, wondering why I always refer to my feet as “male”

Instead of saying “I twisted it” I would say “I twisted him”

Don’t know, maybe an Afrikaans thing… Hom, hy etc. Hopefully I sort this out soon #internaldebate

On a different note:

We’re going to visit friends of ours in #Malmesbury for the weekend! Looking forward to it – haven’t seen them since Dec when my folks were last here! I can’t wait to see their little man – a true miracle baby!

I’m just wondering what do you do when lifelong friendships all of a sudden turn nasty?

Leave me some notes, really need advice on this!

Till next time


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