these wings have got to go!!!


So today was day 1 of the diet! Coral-Leigh & I decided we both want to look UBER hot for the renewal so we’re doing the calorie counting thingum! best of all – we’ve got BlackBerry apps to help us along (calorie counter by FatSecret) it’s an awesome little app where you plan your meals, it counts the calories for you and you can work out your RDI of calories (per day)! we can even log any exercise we’ve done! super cool awesome!!! so far today (and with only supper left) I’ve taken in 874 calories – that’s 52% of what I’m allowed per day… I’m not even hungry (have a slight headache but i can live with it) – BRING ON SUPPER!

hoping tomorrow is just as a successful day as what today was!!!

*need to get those dumbbells back into the room again – these wings have got to go!!! *


dont forget to follow our planning process for the renewal

Kev and Rey





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