where do i fit in…

In 2008 when we found out i was pregnant with #monsterman, I joined a parenting forum called Pampers. it had two sections

1) for mommies to be

2) already mommies

now in both sections there was always speak about Mommies of one, two and the ever courageous three, but it always left me wondering – where does this leave me?

I mean #lilbubbles passed away and i was pregnant and hoping for a healthy living baby – so technically i was a mother of none – but on the other hand, i had #lilbubbles and she lived for 11 days so wouldn’t that make me a mother of one?

one of my friends on the forum said that no matter what happened to #lilbubbles or with #monsterman i am still a mother – i carried babies to term!

at that moment it was the best thing anyone could’ve said to me!i remember feeling pretty lost up untill that moment and then i realised that he was right!


I am a mother, might not be perfect, but i try my best!

and that’s all that counts….

Now my Pampers days are over (well they have been for a while) i jumped around looking for other parenting sites and here are 2 i can recommend:
mommies need advice sometimes and having friends who know what you’re going through always helps!
have a great evening
till next time



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