the tale of a Tissue

i promised myself when i started blogging (way back when) that i would never VENT about glitches in my marriage here.

well either PMS has hit or #hubbinator has just pissed me off so much that i’m dedicating this post to him.  as i write this i have tears streaming down my face, and what is it all about???         a fucking Tissue!!!

a tissue you ask – well yeah… let me start at the begining….

usually when i do laundry i would check the pockets for spare change, tissues, tampon wrappers, sweet wrappers etc.  #hubbinator decided he’d take over the laundry and neglected to check the pockets! now with me being sick (have something between flu & bronchitus) and running around with a snotty runny nose one would think that he would take the time to just check the pockets (maybe i ask to much sometimes)

well the 2nd last load (of 5 & after i had done 2) goes into the spinner while the last one is in the machine & he freaks out!!! “who the hell didnt take tissues out of their pockets” bursts into the room, where i’m busy with #monsterman watching movies & chatting  and holds the little plastic pocket that the tissues come in in his hand and demands to know how many tissues were left in the packet and saying how now all of a sudden the machine doesnt drain properly! during all this i’m thinking “you bloody idiot, dont you check pockets before popping stuff into the machine?”

so i ask him if he checked the pockets – replies NO. Ask him why not  – My mom used to check them before washing, i’ve never done that (hmmmm eventhough i love my MIL to bits, slowly but surely i can see some cracks coming through in the education she gave him) —–> and you dont suppose now is a good time to start??

well long story short, all my jerseys are full of tissue fluff (which i might add, he refuses to remove) not even trying to shake them off helped (I’m no domestic goddess)

so after this i asked him to sit with #monsterman so i can then finish up washing & hanging all our clothes up….

OMG! instead of spending time with #monsterman he sits infront of the TV to watch the Russel Crowe movie  – eventually i ask him to just change our 2 “bokkies” so i could use the other one. and you know that look of “fuck you i’m not in the mood to help you with this shit i’d rather watch the movie” well he gave me that….

now that’s one thing you dont do!!

5 mins later i asked him to please help with hanging the sox – most of which are his – but no TV is more important.

so now here i am, wher i am, sitting in bed writing al of this Pissed off at him for firstly not checking the pockets, secondly for trying to blame me, hirdly for not helping with the sox (& trust me there’s a shitload of the stuff) and fourthly for now still sitting infront of the T-freaking-V!!!1

Honestly, MEN!!!!

***should you have a husband, son, cousin,nephew – basically anyone classified as MALE get them to read THIS and watch THAT before they even attempt doing laundry!!!


so from me till next time



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