just another Manic monday

today has just been one of those days where i wish it would end so i can go home to #hubbinator & #monsterman… it’s been a very busy day and somehow i don’t think i got to everything i wanted to do today!!!

Tomorrow i have an interview. Its for a jnr accounts & payroll position and honestly I’d be a fool not to take it if they offer it to me! its got nice benefits and the pay is more than what i get now – after deductions a whole 2k more!! – so seriously shoot me if i decline this!

now i can see that my current boss isn’t too happy about me wanting to go or rather going for interviews but #FFS if he upped my salary a bit i will stay!

Reasons to stay:

1) i love the people i work with

2) i enjoy my work

3) everyday i learn new things about our industry

4) Management is awesome (more like a 2nd dad)

5) it’s close to home, so #hubbinator and I can still come to work – 1 trip


Reasons to go:

1) the cost of everything has gone up (electricity goes up on 1 July by 20%, school fee’s have gone up, rent is up…) salary sadly hasn’t

2) need new challenges


yes i see that the reasons to stay are more than the reasons to go….

now to try and figure out how to ask the boss for more Moolah

a pretty worrying thought, considering i’ve never asked for an increase in my life! …

let’s hope i can pluck up the courage to do that



till next time


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