what a week…

well its been a crazy-ass week.

as per previous post i noted that i was going for an interview – well turns out i’m too creative for the job as per their little assessment/ compatibility test – so what does that mean? well basically they want someone who will stick to what THEY want you to do and not take initiative and go do some more work or try and assist colleagues – Doubt i’ll be hearing from them any time soon!!!

So on Saturday we (#hubbinator & myself) went to visit friends (who literally live 5 mins up the road from us) we had an awesome time! till 23:45 when MIL (mother In Law) phoned #hubbinator saying that #monsterman was struggling to breathe. well thats not something ANY parent wants to hear!! so we jumped in the car and went home.

once there, we tried to assess the situation #hubbinator was asking if we had something at hom that we could give #monsterman but I knew we didnt have anything for that sound!

its a sound that you cant really explain, its like a seal barking… now imagine your kid sounding like that when he’s trying to breathe in & out – NOT a cool sound

i was scared shitless!!! i mean we’ve been drinking (way too much wine & vodka) and now we’re on the way to the Hospital 😦 seriously it’s the quickest way to sober up!!!!

well #hubbinator was flying to the hospital, at the one robot we stopped (Red Light) and a Metro Police car stopped next to us – so here’s me telling them through the window that we have a medical emergency and that we NEED to get to the hospital asap – the guy almost choked on his Wimpy Burger and closed the road off for us to go through (THANK YOU KIND SIR!!!)

once at the hospital they took #monsterman & myself through to the Trauma room to start assessing him, (#hubbinator did the paper work) gave him a mix of Cortisone, Adrenalin & Saline with the NEB – my poor kid was so scared, struggling to breathe and now they want to put a mask on his face – so we convinced them to rather just hold the mask in front of his face…once he started sounding less than a seal they gave him 15ml’s of Prelone to open up everything even more….

after 45 mins of struggling he was admitted to the High Care Pediatric Ward and placed in the care of a wonderful Nurse named Katie… Katie is one of those ladies who, when you walk into the room and she’s there you will definitely notice her, she oozes kindness and soft heartedness and has such a calming nature… she calmed all 3 of us down and organized #hubbinator & myself some coffee while she was putting those sticky things all over #monsterman and getting him on the monitors.

Turns out #monster had Grade 2 Croup – not the best thing to have for a little boy – No wait scratch that – not the best thing to have for MY little boy!

I felt sooo useless the whole time – i didnt know what to do!!!

                                                    Playing with Daddy on the bed – in Hospital

(for those whose kids haven’t been admitted to hospital – trust me when i say that freaking lazy boy you as the parent have to sleep in is freaking uncomfortable!!! now i have a new hate!!! i at first hated hospitals after #lilbubbles but now i hate Lazy Boys!!!!)

at least after 2 nights in hospital we came home on Monday afternoon and slept most of the day.

thankfully we have very supportive friends and family who never stopped texting, sent bbm’s, called and emailed all the time to keep our spirits up – without you all I would not have come out of this as sanely as i did – so to each and every one of you


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