the problem i have

So over the past couple of weeks my life has been kinda hectic: new job, shifts changing constantly, getting used to the long hours and the impact that has on my family & the time we have together…

Now every day as I walk from our home to the bus stop it amazes me how stupid people really are!
1) NO matter what kinda car you drive YOUR CHILDS SAFETY should be a priority! I’ve seen countless parents -whether they drive a BMW or a 1981 Jetta – having their toddlers standing free in the front passenger section of the car or even in the back?!! People wake up!!!! Your child needs to be strapped in!

My son went through a phase of HATING his seat but soon came to realise that if he’s not in his chair we’re not going anywhere!!!

2) JUST because the FAT GIRL has lost a bit of weight – doesn’t mean she HAS an eating disorder! She might just be tired of being frowned upon by society and actually found a diet that works for her! A healthy diet & exercise does any one the world of good!!!

3) Just because I dress sexy DOESN’T mean I’m a slut! I have boobs & a nice cleavage so I will show it off (within limits off course) if I had nice legs I’d probably show them off in nice skirts or shorts!

Now that brings me to point nr 4:
16yr old little girls walking around in shorts (so short) that you can see her butt cheeks peeking out, together with heels so high POSH Spice would be envious about is just wrong!!! There’s a fine line between looking your age & looking for trouble!!!

Well enough about me bitching!

As always your comments are always welcome

Till next time


3 responses to “the problem i have

  1. hehehe FINALLY a new blogpost for me to comment on so here goes.
    not sure how you’re coping with those hours etc i think i’d die, but hats off to you (and on a side note I MISS YOU)
    1. agreed. stupid shits, even when fish screams he gets a seatbelt on
    2. i’m taking it you’ve lost Kg’s? so happy for you!!! can’t wait to see you again! and again, agreed on the point.
    3. you DO have hot cleavage 😉 and a nice ass… show em off by all means
    4. fok i hate the girlies that dress like that

  2. People are so judgmental of others’ dress and outward appearance. This usually stems from their own insecurities, though.

    Re parents who let their children stand up: It may be harsh to the kids, and I hope this never happens, but… someone who loses a child this way deserve to, it’s but one example of natural selection at work. Children with stupid parents = parents with offspring that do not survive to breeding age.

  3. There is such a lot that one can say on all these subjects that a book might not be enough, but i am just gonna say this one thing, THE SINS OF THE FATHERS. Its amazing what a good spanking will do to a child. God in his infinite wisdom did not tell us for nothing not to spare the rod. TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY HE SHOULD GO THAT WHEN HE IS OLD HE WILL NOT DEPART FROM IT.

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