a lil something

Its been a tough week, from a pregnancy scare to finding out I’m not, working too hard, cycles adjusting to a new one (heaven only knows why) and now waiting for either an interview or a feedback session.

On a personal level things are a lil crazy, my emotions are all over the place but I’m still smiling – only just- but I am :). <—- see

I just remembered, tomorrow is Friday the 13th: wish I could say that I will not encounter a black cat (neighbours have 3) walk under Ladders or touch a computer but may tomorrow be filled with extra special blessings in your life

Laters xx


comparing men to Christian Grey

OMW I had the Fifty Shades Trilogy for about a month before I started reading the first book…. Interest piqued immediately!

Now I wouldn’t mind going to visit Mr Grey’s Playroom, he’s got some things in there that are right up my alley!

But now I wonder, how are women all over the world seeing men; where do you find a perfect (sexual) being like Christian ( a man who never tires) today?

I don’t think they are easy to find!

Dear Mr Grey,

If things with Ana don’t work out, call me