this is a bit of an untitled post

Only because I don’t really know what to call it 😀

So here goes!
Tonight I realised once more how dumb society really is! Scratch that rather how ignorant society is!

I work for a US based company but we have customers all over the world!

What gets me is the 72 year old yank who figures that because I’m not from America I:

1) Can’t spell
2) Don’t have an education
3) Live in the bush
4) Have lions and elephants as pets
5) Live in a country where we don’t have infrastructure (we don’t have malls, still work on the trade system and computers are non existent)
6) Can’t speak proper English (when most of my customers compliment me on my American-Ausie-British Accent)
7) Need to quit work and look after my 30 kids (because only underprivileged women with too many kids would try and steal American jobs)

Well here you go Mr!

Yes I live in a 3rd world country. Yes we don’t have all the luxuries you Yanks are used to but I live in a country and city rated one of THE best Holiday destinations in the world!

My education might not be on par with yours but I did my time in school! I have my qualifications and you won’t ever be able to take that away from me! Our schools rank with some of the TOP schools world wide!!!

I live in a nice house with a roof, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, we have a pool, an entertainment area and a double garage with 2 cars in it! Its in a reasonably good area and I don’t have to chase the gangs off my front lawn!

We have a dog, 3 birds and 4 tortoises as pets, the latter are probably as wild as we will go pet wise – although my ONLY CHILD would love to keep a couple of mice, a few snakes and a baby elephant (what more can you expect of a 4 year old who’s favourite character is Horton???)

I have 1 child! My husband and I both work so we can provide our son with everything he needs, this was a mutual decision that we both would keep working for as long as we can. And with me only being 30 I don’t see myself quitting anytime soon!!!

If you have a problem with companies (like the one I work for) exploring employment markets outside of the great US of A, well buddy you need to think why?
Maybe its because your people aren’t as friendly as what we South Africans are, or even that they can’t grasp the fact “the customer comes first” …. If you still have a problem with this company- well take your business and your point of view somewhere else! We don’t need you! We have many others who are more than happy with the service we provide!!!

You should go through your History books or think about going back to school…. As far as I know English comes from Brittain and its been around for over a thousand years whereas your country was only found in the 1600’s! Your English and my English would be different! We were once a British Colony so off course our accents would sound different! We speak proper english whereas you…. Well half the time we don’t understand what you’re saying because you over-roll the “R”

So here’s to you Mr 72 year old, I hope that this has been a lesson to you not only on the country I live in but also what you lack


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