im home

I’m home, after 11 hours at the hospital, I’m home

I have 3 battle scars that should heal well in the coming days….
A follow up appointment -need to fone the office & schedule it (someone please remind me tomorrow) – in 6 weeks….
A husband who sat with me while I dozed in & out of sleep for a while
The best family & friends who all kept checking in to make sure everything’s okay

At least now I know why I was in theatre for over an hour:
I have endometriosis, Gynae cleared what he could and according to him its a really bad case of it…. Which also explains our incapability to conceive at this time…… 😦

But in a couple of weeks when I go see him again I hope that he gives me good news regarding our quest to conceive

Till then

Laters xxx


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