recuperation…. the road ahead

So today is day 2 after the OP!

Not knowing what to expect, yesterday I slept most of the day *thanks to the pain killers*

For some reason, my body is so used to being “up” at night that I can’t sleep…. No matter how many pain killers I take (and these pills knock you out) I wake up after 3 hours still feeling sleepy but can’t fall asleep again – like now! Its 3:07 am and I’ve been awake for an hour 😦

In general, the pain is ok depending on how much I move or what I do! Never thought taking a shower and washing my hair would be so exhausting!

I shall only have 3 battle scars *yay* I like uneven numbers!

I have a cut just below my belly button, one just to the left of that & the last one is also on the left but WAY DOWN THERE!

The latter hurts the most, is the most uncomfortable and also already itches. *good sign right?*

I have this “fart that’s stuck” pain in my shoulder – the web did warn me about that, but they could’ve said that its effing sore and almost nothing will get rid of it till it passes naturally! – this is due to the gas they used to blow my stomach up so they would have more space to work. Argon loves your shoulder, can’t say I didn’t warn ya!

So for now I need to take it easy, rest up as much as possible and not overdo it!

Doc recommends that I see him in 6 weeks again, so appointment is booked for 30 October – now the question is: do I need another authorisation number from my med aid to go see him?

—-> probably will (darn medical aids)


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