taking on the challenge

So in the past 3 months I’ve dropped 2 jean sizes *yay me* now the challenge is to keep it down and also loose a bit more!

Its not like I’ve gone out of my way to loose it either its all about choices in the end!

My typical day would be like this:
05:30 get home from work and eat last nites supper, make the boys their lunches for work & school
06:00 spend some time with Kev, catch up on their nite and day
06:45 wake monster up and get him ready for school
07:00 they leave, I put a workout dvd on and do 30 mins of either cardio or full body workout
Go bath/shower
By 08:00 I’m sleeping soundly
Wake up at 14:15 and get ready for work

18:00 have fruit
22:30 have lunch (which usually us a Fry’s meal/ stirfry or a Tuna rice salad
02:00 have something sweet
05:00 leave work

And so the routine starts again

I must admit that I do cheat by using @FormeSlim tablets every 2nd day, especially on days where I have a cheat/binge day…

I also go walk/run every other or so day, but nothing too hectic (not ready for a marathon just yet hehe)

But so far so good!

You know you look good when people you see every day compliment you on the weightloss – it helps! Even hubby is happy with the results!

I’ve tried soo many things over the past cpl of years that I decided stuff it! Let me try things my way…

So I’ll keep updating on my progress – still a long road ahead, getting there slowly


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