having anoter op :(

Where do I start?

On 04/02 I went for a follow up appointment with my Gynae as the Papsmear we did before the op in September came back with abnormalities, and this seems to be standard procedure to have another Papsmear 4 – 6 months after.

Well we did the papsmear and the pathologists advised that there’s even more abnormalities this time round so now I have to go for op nr 2 on 26/02.

With this op they will be testing for Cancer…

When my Gynae and I discussed this on the 4th he said the word CANCER and my heart stopped for a minute!

Reason for that:
My paternal Grandmother had breast Cancer, this automatically puts me at greater risk for all “female” related cancers: ovarian, cervical and breast.

So right now, our plans for baby #2 are on hold! If I have cancer I’d have to start treatment for it and I really don’t want to put my body through a pregnancy after all that…
If I don’t have cancer we will start trying for #2 next year (god willing)

I’m stressed about this op to say the least: not eating right, loosing a lot of weight and feeling drained.

Good news is though that I’m leaving night shift and starting a morning/day shift on 03/03! *yay* some normality (finally)

I can’t wait


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