My Big Brave Boy

yesterday March 21, 2013 #monsterman went to have his adenoids and tonsils removed.  here my boys are chilling pre-op.


the boys


chilling in hospital post opNot feeling like doing much after the op, one thing i have learned is that no matter how old you are, if you have a sore throat have some Niknaks – dont ask me what it is about Niknaks but it works


sleeping at home  Passed out at home last nite – he slept right through without any problems.


Lets hope tonight is a good night


If we’re not a priority in your life, why should you be one in ours?

So in hopes of good weather we moved monsterman’s party up by a month and to be honest looking at the weather this morning it really looked like we were gonna have to postpone it…

Luckily the weather turned, sun forced her way through the clouds and it got HOT!

what really pisses me off is the fact that people RSVP and just not show up!

There we were; catered for 40 odd people (including kids) and less than 10 pitch – never again!!!

I think I know now who the people are who will always be there and then just not bother with the rest!

If we’re not a priority in your life, why should you be one in ours?

6 days post op – update

No news is good news I suppose…

Haven’t received any feedback regarding test results so here’s me hoping for the best…

I’m feeling ok, still have cramping and I really can live with that but what I can’t deal with is this watery slightly blood tinged excretion. Its worse than your 1st period and really not the best think to have

Enough complaining right?

Well, have a stunning day!

My new shift is agreeing with #monsterman and #hubbinator they both seem happy to see me at nite *yay*

Can’t wait to see my boys tonite