its confirmed

CIN 3 cells are taking over in my abdominal area!

So my next procedure is booked for the 21st of May…

Doing a full Endometrial Ablasion and sterilization.

That’s all for now, I think I wasn’t really prepared for this news… I mean after Monster was born I always showed Cin 1 then last year August it showed Cin 2 and now I’m on Cin 3

Rather kill it all and stop having pain 24/7 – right?


discovery health – I’m fed up!

Let’s just say I’m not the least bit impressed by my medical aids in capability to communicate with me…

So beginning of April I emailed them my GP to Specialist referral form (turn around time according to them would be 2 days) 5 days later I get a SMS back saying “sorry but your email was unclear, please resend” so I fax it to them 2 days later…

And nothing… Not an email, SMS, fax, smoke signal or post dove to say ” Hi Mrs Viljoen, sorry but your form is still unclear, please resend”

Nope if it wasn’t for the fact that I called them to ask why I haven’t heard anything from them since the 9th and its the 20th already I wouldn’t have known that:

1) they don’t get my faxes
2) make promises they can’t keep

So when I spoke to Njabula on Saturday I was promised a call back to confirm that my form was received – that didn’t happen!

Last nite I spoke to another lady (who unfortunately speaks with such a bad accent that I had to really concentrate to hear what she was saying- I shouldn’t have to concentrate that hard it was a simple yes/no question) and all I wanted to know was if they received the fax I sent on Saturday….

The answer was yes, but again she advised that my fax was unclear…

So Discovery: What the heck am I supposed to do?
All your Call Centre Reps ask me to scan and email – sure would if I could but working the hours I do I don’t have the luxury to find a shop open that time of day/night…

I have a fax machine at home, but apparently that either sends it to you unclear or you just don’t receive it (for some magical reason even though I have a confirmation report saying it was sent) [and this isn’t the first time that my form magically just never reaches your offices]

So Discovery Health I ask you, what am I to do? How do I get this form to you without missing my appointment with my Gynae on Thursday?

kinda cant wait for the 25th

And not because its payday for a month that’s been Waaaaayyyyyyy too long but because its my follow up with my Gynae after the procedure in February…

I’m kinda scared and here’s why:
With my medical aid they send me emails regarding each claim that goes through; been seeing an alarming amount of pathology bills in recent days…

So does this merely mean that they have submitted their claims late or does it mean that they are still running different tests?

If its the latter I hope they get done by the 25th so my (gorgeous) gynae can give me answers…

On the one hand I’m ok with whatever he tells me and on the other I can’t wait to live my life period free!

Bring it on!!!