discovery health – I’m fed up!

Let’s just say I’m not the least bit impressed by my medical aids in capability to communicate with me…

So beginning of April I emailed them my GP to Specialist referral form (turn around time according to them would be 2 days) 5 days later I get a SMS back saying “sorry but your email was unclear, please resend” so I fax it to them 2 days later…

And nothing… Not an email, SMS, fax, smoke signal or post dove to say ” Hi Mrs Viljoen, sorry but your form is still unclear, please resend”

Nope if it wasn’t for the fact that I called them to ask why I haven’t heard anything from them since the 9th and its the 20th already I wouldn’t have known that:

1) they don’t get my faxes
2) make promises they can’t keep

So when I spoke to Njabula on Saturday I was promised a call back to confirm that my form was received – that didn’t happen!

Last nite I spoke to another lady (who unfortunately speaks with such a bad accent that I had to really concentrate to hear what she was saying- I shouldn’t have to concentrate that hard it was a simple yes/no question) and all I wanted to know was if they received the fax I sent on Saturday….

The answer was yes, but again she advised that my fax was unclear…

So Discovery: What the heck am I supposed to do?
All your Call Centre Reps ask me to scan and email – sure would if I could but working the hours I do I don’t have the luxury to find a shop open that time of day/night…

I have a fax machine at home, but apparently that either sends it to you unclear or you just don’t receive it (for some magical reason even though I have a confirmation report saying it was sent) [and this isn’t the first time that my form magically just never reaches your offices]

So Discovery Health I ask you, what am I to do? How do I get this form to you without missing my appointment with my Gynae on Thursday?


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