I can still have

An Orgasm!

Yes you read right, I can still have an orgasm! *insert happy dance with a bumwiggle*

For some reason my mind was telling me that after last week’s operation I have now list my sexdrive and I will never feel that hot glowing (well I glow) rush again – clearly I was wrong

TMI but I just had my first post-op OrGaSm I am in 7th Heaven right now!!!!

Yay to operations that kill every thing except your sexdrive!!!!


Please take this away

Im in pain…

Its not the normal period pain or the pain I’ve gotten so used to over the past year.. its also not just around my cuts that im sore…

Im sore all over and the pain meds aren’t helping anymore…

Whats worse is today I have been really sleepy (slept the day away) and my eyes see all fuzzy not to mention the fever thats been spiking the whole day. ..

Really hoping that its nothing serious – at leadt the pain in my shoulder is better

Ouchie-post op day 1

So yesterday I had my op, gynae is very happy with how it went. Im home and recovering just in a lot of pain!

Honestly it’s the worst pain I’ve ever had – even after natural birth, a c-section, laparoscopy, DNC, the Llettz procedure – I have never been in this much pain!!!

I feel battered and bruised on the inside!

So my gynae did a full laparoscopic sterilization,  endometrial ablasion and he also cauterised what we hope was the last of the endometriosis. 

I have to go see him in August again – after the Llettz I have to see him every 6 months – he’ll do another papsmear and then tell me if its all gone or if we should proceed with a different course of action…

As always I will keep you posted as to whats happening

For now im gonna curl up with my hot water bottle,  take some pain meds and watch some Harry Potter  

Have a great day 

My Monster was almost abducted!

Yesterday after getting my new phone (bye bye BlackBerry!!) We went to another shopping centre close to home to quickly get a couple of things needed at home. 

I started looking at some nice jackets- something I need with winter knocking- anywhoo …

Hubby came and showed me a jacket at the top of the railing (is that the right thing to call it?)

Next moment we realize monsterman isnt with us!

We ran through the shop trying to find him- he wasnt in the toy isle or with the baby stuff-  HE WAS MISSING!!

Hubby and I split up looking for your son in a panic-stricken-state is not recommend!

I went to security they got in touch with their camera room and they started tracking my son…
They found him still in thestore walking with a tall Caucasian male (NOT MY HUSBAND)

I freaked out completely! 

Security ran after this man followed him till the hardware section, where he must have noticed that they are on his heels and very nonchalantly turned to monsterman and told him to wait right there…. And he ran out of the shop…

I dont know if they caught him or not all I know is security gave me my son back! !!!
Something I’ll be forever grateful for-  this day could’ve ended so much worse!

I really am grateful to those security guys- without their quick action I might’ve not seen my son but luckily was reunited with him!!!!!

When we asked monsterman why he went with that “uncle” he said that the “uncle” offered him some sweets ….

Now monsterman knows that he shouldn’t speak to strangers and also not accept anything from them…  this guy bribed my son with chocolate- which child is gonna say NO to that?

Luckily this guy didnt touch monsterman in anyway, didn’t change his appearance and very luckily for us he didn’t get away with monsterman

I still have that bitter when-adrenaline-runs-out taste in my mouth

Parents be more aware please this guy literally took advantage of a split second when we didnt have our eyes on monsterman

I’m just really relieved that nothing happened to monsterman!