Ouchie-post op day 1

So yesterday I had my op, gynae is very happy with how it went. Im home and recovering just in a lot of pain!

Honestly it’s the worst pain I’ve ever had – even after natural birth, a c-section, laparoscopy, DNC, the Llettz procedure – I have never been in this much pain!!!

I feel battered and bruised on the inside!

So my gynae did a full laparoscopic sterilization,  endometrial ablasion and he also cauterised what we hope was the last of the endometriosis. 

I have to go see him in August again – after the Llettz I have to see him every 6 months – he’ll do another papsmear and then tell me if its all gone or if we should proceed with a different course of action…

As always I will keep you posted as to whats happening

For now im gonna curl up with my hot water bottle,  take some pain meds and watch some Harry Potter  

Have a great day 


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