To: Monsterman

Hello my Boy,

I wish I could give you all the answers to your questions but I know that one day you’ll know what I meant with things I said and why I’ve done things the way I have…

I love you boitjie always have always will, nothing is as powerful as the love a mother has for her child – one day when you’re a parent you’ll understand this. ..

I want you to treat all the girls you meet the way your daddy has always treated me; show them respect, treat them kind and no matter what love them with all your heart! Yes some of them will taje advantage of your kindhearted nature but I assure you that you will find 1 who will move mountains to be with you!

Don’t ever change just for the sake of changing- whatever you do make sure it’s for you! – don’t allow society to change the wonderful person you are!

Keep dreaming!  The moment you stop the world will swallow you in and spit you out like an old piece of chewing gum

Always remember to be trye to yourself,  no one is a better version of you than YOU!

Never forget your family and those who care about you, you never know when you’ll need their support

Promise me you’ll stay as awesome as you are my boy?!?!

Love you muchly