A post from the crazy sex obsessed woman I am

So tonight I watched Thor and Avengers in bed and I really think any man as de-lick-table as Chris Hemsworth should be tied up in a room … why you ask?
1) so I can do whatever I want to with him
2) ride him like a cowboy
3) that body is just screaming for ice cubes and candle wax

But then again there’s this guy at work… let’s just #thatass…

He’s 2 levels above me, but fucking gorgeous and knows how to show off his ass OMG!! The things I would do to thst man

Which reminds me…

I wonder if Andy’s mom also had toys called buzz & woody?

Well reality check for me… time to get ride the husband

*I am sorry if this post affends you, I’m all out of giving a fuck for today*


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