About: Rey

Hello, My name is Rey…

yes, yes i’ve heard it before “but that’s a Guy’s name” well not in my case! so let’s leave it at that.

a life less ordinary is about me, things happen all the time (& i will write about it – if i remember), about my past & about my future. It’s also about my life as a mother, wife & trying to find ME again in this crazy world.

some of my posts might offend people, be comical or even just a cute email i got but one thing is sure – I will ALWAYS be 100% honest – take it or leave it!

i’m kinda one of those people – what you see is what you get – well either you like me or you don’t & i’m not gonna put in extra effort to prove that i’m worthy of you, it’s just not who i am.

My Journey with writing started with poems. started writing little verses down here & there at about 10, in high school it became more emotionally driven – the typical “I hate you for breaking up with me” or “gosh, i’m sure he’s THE 1” but after that, it changed again, life taught me some lessons and it reflected in some of my poems. Even today when i write poems – it will either reflect stages in my marriage, dealing with the death of your own child and the complete “awesomeness” of being blessed with a happy & healthy little man – still full of emotion but it’s matured a bit.

in short, I’m a mother, wife, friend and have a pretty interesting life we lead. but that’s life – the less ordinary life we chose – and we can do nothing more than to embrace it!  (sure as hell wont help to try & fight it!)

enjoy the journey…


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