Birth Story – #monsterman

After what happened with Nikita, i moved to Cape Town. I had to get away from JHB and all the pain that was there… all the memories. Best move i ever made!

Kev & I had a whirlwind romance (seriously!! Met, 1st date a week later, 2 weeks later we moved in together, 3 months later we got engaged & pregnant and 4 months after that we got married)

We found out i was pregnant at 5 weeks, went to the dr to confirm it and she (seeing as i was new to CPT) referred me to a Gynae.  Saw him for the 1st time at 8 weeks, told him what happened with Nikita and he advised that we should have an elective C- Section. I was more than happy with that! All i wanted was a healthy living baby. We scheduled the C-Section for the 23 of April (39 weeks)

Had a very event-less pregnancy except for extreme heartburn 24/7!

At almost 37 weeks (a Sunday) Kev & i were out shopping for the last odd things before our little man arrives and to also get me shoes that would fit (my feet were balloons with these little stubs as toes) the next moment i had this crazy contraction – it lasted for 35 minutes – and my first thought was that we should get to the hospital (which luckily was just across the street from where we were) so off we went eventually after it released. Got booked into the Maternity ward and they started monitoring us. I had full on contractions from there on! The dr came to see me and said they’re going to give me an injection to mature Aedan’s lungs in case we need to do an Emergency C-Section, but that they would also give me stuff to stop the labour.

I must say the Nurse that was with me most of the night was such a sweetie, talking me through everything that she was doing and asking me if everything is ready incase he should be born now…

She also arranged for a sleeping tablet so i could rest while they kept monitoring us during the night.

The next morning, my Gynae came to see me and asked me if i’m still working (which i was, i was due to go on Maternity leave the Friday) so he suggested i stop working immediately and see him the Wednesday. Fine can’t argue with him, he’s the Learned one…

Saw him Wednesday, everything looked good and he said he wanted to see me the Monday(14th) again.

Monday went to see him, asked him if we are still cool with the 23rd and he said that we wont make it till the 23rd, he was sure that Aedan would be born before then! So we chatted a bit more and we settled on Wednesday the 16th.

(That night we went to get all the mommy necessities at Dischem and i fell in the store. My Hubby cr@pped the manager out (they didn’t have signs up to say the floor was wet or anything) a huge fight later our purchase was free and they gave us a voucher to say sorry)

Wednesday morning we got up at 4am made Breakfast (C-sect was scheduled for the afternoon so i could have breakfast before 6am) and had a last little lie-in as not-yet parents.

Got everything ready and made our way to the hospital, got booked in and got ready! I was so happy Kev helped me shave (down below) the night before cause the nurse came with her powder & little BIC razor & i said “heck no – i’m clean thank you” so she felt & agreed haha

By 10am the Anesthetist came to check me had a chat and then said see you in 3!

Shortly afterward my gynae came to check on us.

My hubby decided that by then he was hungry again and just quickly popped home (we live literally 5 mins from the hospital) to have lunch. I called him at 12 to say that they want to take me in and he must get him cute tushy over to the hospital.

We went into theatre at 12:50, got the spinal. 13:00 they started opening me up, they struggled a bit with Aedan as he was further down the Birth Canal already and eventually at 13:10 he took his first breath. I had tears streaming down my face, tears of joy and pain.

It was awesome to lay there and feel them working on me, helping us have a baby that’s healthy and most importantly – ALIVE.

His APGAR tests were 9/10 & 10/10, the Paed was very happy with him and 10 mins later he accompanied Kev (with Aedan) to the Nursery.

It was an awesome experience! I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Aedan is now a very active little character and the love of my life! He teaches me something new every day and shows me different ways to love. Very grateful to have this little man in our lives.


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