If we’re not a priority in your life, why should you be one in ours?

So in hopes of good weather we moved monsterman’s party up by a month and to be honest looking at the weather this morning it really looked like we were gonna have to postpone it…

Luckily the weather turned, sun forced her way through the clouds and it got HOT!

what really pisses me off is the fact that people RSVP and just not show up!

There we were; catered for 40 odd people (including kids) and less than 10 pitch – never again!!!

I think I know now who the people are who will always be there and then just not bother with the rest!

If we’re not a priority in your life, why should you be one in ours?


6 days post op – update

No news is good news I suppose…

Haven’t received any feedback regarding test results so here’s me hoping for the best…

I’m feeling ok, still have cramping and I really can live with that but what I can’t deal with is this watery slightly blood tinged excretion. Its worse than your 1st period and really not the best think to have

Enough complaining right?

Well, have a stunning day!

My new shift is agreeing with #monsterman and #hubbinator they both seem happy to see me at nite *yay*

Can’t wait to see my boys tonite

LLETZ Do this

So on Tuesday I had my op done, now those of you who know what I’ve been dealing with will know that I’ve been stressed about this seemingly small procedure.

What was supposed to be a 10minute procedure took 45 minutes. My Gynae was just as surprised that my Endo is this aggressive.

In less than 6 months it has come back with vengeance.

So here I sit on the way to work, in pain and there are only soo many tablets I can take…

My follow up appointment is scheduled for 25/04, where again we’ll be doing yet another papsmear.

So what are my options from here?

Well depends if the results from the LLETZ come back positive for Cancer and if it doesn’t I’ve pretty much already made up my mind that I’m done!

Done with going for procedures every 5/6 months, done with period pain 24/7, done with backache and done with not being able to get pregnant.

So there’s a procedure called Endometrial Ablation that I’m very interested in *was suggested by a friend of mine who went through all of this as well, she hasn’t had any problems since having it done a couple of years ago*

*no periods or period pains
*no growths

*cant get pregnant as its for the lack of a better term a chemical hysterectomy

I’m fine with that! I’m happy with my happy healthy almost 5year old and he’s enough for us…

Let me know your thoughts and what you had done after your LLETZ procedure

having anoter op :(

Where do I start?

On 04/02 I went for a follow up appointment with my Gynae as the Papsmear we did before the op in September came back with abnormalities, and this seems to be standard procedure to have another Papsmear 4 – 6 months after.

Well we did the papsmear and the pathologists advised that there’s even more abnormalities this time round so now I have to go for op nr 2 on 26/02.

With this op they will be testing for Cancer…

When my Gynae and I discussed this on the 4th he said the word CANCER and my heart stopped for a minute!

Reason for that:
My paternal Grandmother had breast Cancer, this automatically puts me at greater risk for all “female” related cancers: ovarian, cervical and breast.

So right now, our plans for baby #2 are on hold! If I have cancer I’d have to start treatment for it and I really don’t want to put my body through a pregnancy after all that…
If I don’t have cancer we will start trying for #2 next year (god willing)

I’m stressed about this op to say the least: not eating right, loosing a lot of weight and feeling drained.

Good news is though that I’m leaving night shift and starting a morning/day shift on 03/03! *yay* some normality (finally)

I can’t wait

post op update: the 5month after check up

Where do I start?

No honestly, where do I start?
Saw my gynae on monday and we had a little chat, mostly about this weird pain I got in December when I was ovulating but that pain has not returned and my ovulation has been painless since then…

Then we both remembered that before the op my papsmear came back with some abnormalities (hence this visit) and off I went to drop my clothes and erm wear a nice silky golden gown… (Nothing sexy about that)

So we get the papsmear out of the way, he does a scan and says that nothing is showing on the transvaginal scan but we’ll have to wait for the papsmear results to come back to know for sure what’s happening – all good right?


Papsmear came back with more abnormalities than the previous one which means I now have to go back into theatre on 26/02.

This time round they’re just gonna take some cells and send them for different tests – one of which is Cancer – kinda worried about that!

Everyone is saying: don’t worry about it! That I’ll be fine and that its not gonna be cancerous. But you know what: I worry! I don’t want Cancer and I’m sure as hell not giving up on the idea of having another child… Which is a possibility depending on the course of action we take

Keep me in your prayers during this time

Till next time


You all know the lifestyle that we have so to many it seems weird that friends would come to me for marital advice in a “vanilla marriage”

So here’s the problem a friend of mine has right now:
She loves her husband, they’ve been together for 10+ years, married for almost 3 and have no kids due to medical conditions they both have…

Now the guy she dated before her hubby is saying that he wants her back and that he still loves her – he got married recently.

My friend and the ex still act like they’re a couple when they are together, they have lots of chemistry and also still obvious to everyone around them they still Love one another…

I know the 2 of them will jump each others bones if given the opportunity…

The love between her and her hubby, the chemistry they have and the way they act together is very different to what she has with her ex! Its more like they’re best friends than husband and wife.

I feel sorry for her and this situation but I also feel she shouldn’t give up her happiness to be with a guy who she married but is no longer attracted to in every way! She should go out and see if thing work out with the ex.

The ex has made it very clear that the only reason he married his now wife is because my friend is married and he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life alone…

My dilemma is: do I give her the advice to leave her hubby and a psudo-loveless marriage and try to work things out with her ex? Or do I just not say anything and wait for things to just naturally work out?

Help please

taking on the challenge

So in the past 3 months I’ve dropped 2 jean sizes *yay me* now the challenge is to keep it down and also loose a bit more!

Its not like I’ve gone out of my way to loose it either its all about choices in the end!

My typical day would be like this:
05:30 get home from work and eat last nites supper, make the boys their lunches for work & school
06:00 spend some time with Kev, catch up on their nite and day
06:45 wake monster up and get him ready for school
07:00 they leave, I put a workout dvd on and do 30 mins of either cardio or full body workout
Go bath/shower
By 08:00 I’m sleeping soundly
Wake up at 14:15 and get ready for work

18:00 have fruit
22:30 have lunch (which usually us a Fry’s meal/ stirfry or a Tuna rice salad
02:00 have something sweet
05:00 leave work

And so the routine starts again

I must admit that I do cheat by using @FormeSlim tablets every 2nd day, especially on days where I have a cheat/binge day…

I also go walk/run every other or so day, but nothing too hectic (not ready for a marathon just yet hehe)

But so far so good!

You know you look good when people you see every day compliment you on the weightloss – it helps! Even hubby is happy with the results!

I’ve tried soo many things over the past cpl of years that I decided stuff it! Let me try things my way…

So I’ll keep updating on my progress – still a long road ahead, getting there slowly